Time is strictly limited, even during an out-of-the-rules extended possession. The project was allocated a 73-hour possession but, even within this budget, there was little time to spend scratching around the foundations of the footbridge so that new cill beams could be installed.

The solution was to adopt some very audacious temporary works. A tower was erected tight against the side of the platform retaining wall, heavily weighted with concrete blocks. Beams were then threaded under the top landing of the footbridge, cantilevering out from the tower.

In all, some 19 tonnes of kentledge weights were used in the tower, and this was sufficient for the footbridge to be supported by the cantilever beams. This whole arrangement allowed work to take place below the footbridge footings.

The precious cast-iron parapets were carefully protected so that they would not be damaged in the main possession.

All this temporary work made the site very difficult to work in, so it was important to carry out as much work in the days prior to the possession without affecting the running lines.