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Project description


Ideal Heating Ltd


£10 Million



Project Overview

Our world is changing. The word on everybody's lips is now ‘Climate Change’. On a daily basis all of us can see mass flooding events, wildfires, unusual weather patterns and sadly, the effects of these on countries and communities across the globe. Through COP pledges etc. our Government is reacting. The challenge has been set to reduce CO2 emissions year on year. This putting the United Kingdom on the path to ‘Net Zero’. 


The Challenge

The challenge set by Government, puts companies like Ideal Heating Ltd on the front line of our fight. We are relying on them to offer, us, wholesale domestic users of fossil fuels, an environmentally friendlier solution to our day-to-day heating requirements.


The Solution

The proposals put forward by GGP give Ideal Heating the ability to rise to the challenge placed on them. The building design entails a new advanced Research and Development facility at their Hull base on National Avenue. This is essential and will give the company an increased ability, both now and in the future, to explore and test new low carbon heating technologies.