Power & Renewables

The need to reduce the emissions of CO2 is a major goal for the world, and GGP Consult are at the forefront of achieving this.

Most of our customers are looking at ways to reduce their dependence on hydrocarbons by switching to electrical power, the use of hydrogen or by improvements in efficiency of energy use.

In addition to providing technical support to traditional power generators, we are assisting Drax Power in Selby on their use of Biomass for power generation.

We are involved in numerous battery storage and peaking power plants across the UK, and have developed a niche expertise in anaerobic digestion projects, providing Civil Engineering support to over 20 plants - with many others in progress.

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Power & Renewables

Our background in this field is extensive and provides a major area of growth.

With over 20 anaerobic digestion plants completed, we expect to double this in the next five years. We provide Civil Engineering design on the basic plant layouts, earthworks, secondary containment and tank/equipment bases. These plants utilise energy crops, food and form waste and gas generated to grid by local or remote injection, or on site power generation.

We have provided Structural Engineering support on several substantial biomass import terminals, designing supports to conveying and storage infrastructure.

This work has required a detailed knowledge of potential dust explosions in these products, and we have developed strengthening to blast suppression systems and blast resistance storage silos.

In addition to local power peaking plants, a major area of growth for our Civil Engineering team is the design of battery storage facilities - requiring the support of heavy battery hotels which are usually located in areas with challenging ground conditions.

Our Structural Engineering team have provided expertise in the design of traditional power station infrastructures, with large fly ash and bottom ash silos designed for projects in over 25 countries - some in areas of high seismicity.

We also have some skills in the Civils associated with onshore wind turbines.

Power & Renewables Services

  • Civil Engineering

    • Civil & Structural Design
    • General Arrangement Drawings
    • Fabrication Drawings
    • Dilapidation inspection
    • Civil Asset Surveys
    • Stairs Ladders Walkways inspection