Brocklesby Biogas

Planning Application and its early concept development


Brocklesby Biogas Ltd


£11.5 Million

Project Overview

GGP Consult were engaged to support a Planning Application and its early concept development to enable the developer to achieve project funding.

Once funding was approved GGP were appointed by CLS(Civil Contractor) as part of the EPC contract to act as civil and structural engineer for the Anaerobic Digestion Facility capable of processing up to 60,000 tonnes of food waste peryear, generating 3.5MW of electricity which will be delivered directly to the national grid and also produce heat, which will be utilised by the surrounding businesses.

The digestate will be distributed on surrounding farmland. The facilitys digestate is PAS110 accredited, a nationally accepted quality standard.

GGP provided further supporting roles direct to Iona Capital by providing a master plan coordinated for all contractors involved, planning condition discharge and Environmental Permit support.