Retail & Commercial

GGP Consult have been engaged in this area of expertise extensively over the last 30 years, providing support to various traditional retail projects, self-storage schemes and retail outlets. Our designs have provided over one million square feet of warehousing with associated offices and vehicle handling areas. The GGP Consult stand-alone office in Hull, showcases the wide range of expertise that we offer in this area of design, whilst other areas of commercial support include petrol filling stations, car showrooms and charging stations.

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Retail & Commercial

We have designed numerous warehousing and office combinations using our multidisciplinary team of Architects and Engineers, taking through from conceptual idea to handover.

Everything we produce is carefully developed to meet specific expectations using our professional know-how in delivering this type of project.

Our own 3 storey office in Hull, built on stilts, provides a model for other developments on compact sites, giving a modern but practical use of space which is a pleasure to work in.

We are providing engineering skills to the roll-out of several electric vehicle (EV) providers with our skilled staff travelling across all of Europe in support of these clients.


Since 2010, GGP Consult have been involved with Civil and Structural engineering design services for several conversations of public houses to supermarket branches. Several schemes require floor strengthening to meet the requirement of heavy floor loadings, particularly over beer cellars and basements.

In addition, walls and columns have been removed or replaced with more of an open-plan retail experience.

New contemporary shop fronts have also been installed which require structural steel to frame the large openings required.


Supermarkets are introducing a range of innovative technologies to reduce the impact of their heating, lighting and energy intensive refrigeration. Their commitments to replace outdated refrigeration equipment with new energy efficient systems across the UK has required substantial upgrades to the building fabric of many large stores.

GGP Consult have provided structural engineering designs for modifications to the stores to allow the new refrigeration systems to be installed on roof areas, freeing up more space for retail use on the ground floors.