Collaborationd with Tew & Smith Architects and UC Build to deliver new stores for Safestore Ltd


Safestore Ltd

Project Overview

GGP Consult have collaborated with Tew & Smith Architects and UC Build to deliver a number of new stores for Safestore Ltd in recent years, the most recent is on Garth Road, Morden on the outskirts of southwest London.

The project was structurally challenging both above and below ground level, with poor soil, ground water and ground heave to contend with, along with budget constraints caused by post Covid material shortages and price increases.

Structural designs for the new self-storage facility commenced in early 2020 during the first Lockdown, with several value engineering options explored during 2021 and construction completed during 2022.

This multi-storey development has stepped back elevations to maintain rights to light for the neighbouring properties and is one of the flagship stores for our returning client.The storage facility occupies the site of a former NHS building, which required demolition.

The new building was constructed on a sloping site and incorporated a contiguous pile retaining wall to the back and sides.

A steel fibre reinforced jointless ground floor slab was constructed on precast piles with a power floated and polished finish.

The main structure is L shaped on plan, stepped and covered with hip and duo pitched single ply membrane roofs.

Close collaboration with the client and the design team were essential to the successful delivery of the design proposal utilising our advanced 3D structural modelling and Revit drafting skills.