Network Rail - George Stephenson House, York

Refurbishment of ground floor canteen and seating areas and repurposing of existing industrial kitchen


Colt Construction




2022 - 2023

Project Overview

George Stephenson House is one of Network Rail’s most significant office buildings in the UK, with offices, meeting spaces and canteens for 800 staff and Network Rail stakeholders. The ground floor café, canteen, seating areas and kitchen required a major overhaul to provide a vibrant area at the front of this building to greet staff and visitors as they entered the building.


The Challenge

The existing ground floor café, canteen and kitchen layout at GSH was functional but uninviting. It required significant refurbishment and decoration works to improve the layout and vibrancy to be an inviting space for Network Rail staff and visitors, along with new fixtures and fittings. The existing commercial kitchen area was to be reconfigured to provide a new Male WC area, a new Storeroom, a new Facilities Office, and a new IT Build / Storeroom. For security purposes, the existing reception area needed to be relocated to provide a new secure line of approach within the building entrance area as indicated on the attached plans.

All surveys and construction works were required to be carried out in a working office building avoiding disruption to Network Rail’s operations.


The Solution

GGP Consult were employed by Colt Construction, on behalf of Network Rail, to complete the necessary surveys and produce the building layout design, along with all structural modifications on which a new interior design could be overlaid.

Working with their supply chain as Lead Designer, GGP Consult produced a Network Rail Detailed Design (Form G) and Architectural and Layout Acceptance (Form D) including all Architectural, Civil, Structural, and Mechanical and Electrical designs necessary to suit the client’s brief. All design work was completed by GGP Consult in accordance with Network Rail Standards and Building Regulations.

GGP Consult liaised with Colt’s appointed Interior Designer to ensure the envisaged final layout could be achieved. This included input from GGP Consult’s design team to influence the chosen interior design scheme, colours, materials, wall positions and building service layouts, whilst ensuring it could be physically achieved within the parameters of Building Regulations. The design was completed in May 2023.


The Result

The refurbishment works were successfully completed by Colt Construction in mid-2023 to a high standard and meeting the client’s brief. The final product has provided a vibrant and modern layout with exciting elements such as a living vegetation wall, full new flooring, new ceilings and new wall coverings throughout. The area is now a space Network Rail can be proud of and befitting of one of the most important railway buildings in the North of England.