Ferrybridge to Goole Resignalling

Replacing signalling system on 58km railway network


Alstom & KGJ Price Ltd


£28 Million



Project Overview

Renewal of 6No Level Crossings and life expired lineside equipment, and to integrate Alstom’s “Smart Locking” Technology.


The Challenge

The project involved upgrading and replacing the existing signalling system on 58km railway network to improve safety, efficiency, and capacity. 

The works included renewal of the existing life expired signalling assets with modern equivalent signalling system. 

Of the 6No Level Crossings, four of these were converted to Obstacle Detectors (MCB - MKII OD) where phasing is critical to maintaining a fully operational railway - power and resignalling renewals were also required to provide a “digital ready” network. Boothferry Road LX located at Goole Station was to be converted into MCB-CCTV.


The Solution

GGP Consult were appointed to undertake the GRIP 4 (Government for Railway Investment Projects) outline design work for the project, by Alstom. Following completion of this part of the project, GGP Consult were then appointed Lead Design for the Grip 5-8 design by KGJ Price Ltd. (appointed Principal Contractor)

Our multi-disciplinary team provided the following design services:

  • Desktop Studies
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Ground Investigations
  • Structural Inspections
  • Civil and Structural Design for Signals, REB’s, DNO’s and UTX/URX etc…
  • Ground Plan design for 5No Level Crossing

The Result

Construction of 54No. Signals, 22No. FSP’s, 30No. LODs, 11No. SMIO, 15 UTX’s, 6No. URX’s. 2No. ASP’s and many various supplementary ancillaries to facilitate the re-signalling.

The re-signalling and re-controlling of Prince of Wales Signal Box (SB) area, Cutsyke SB area and Pontefract Monkhill interlocking area into Ferrybridge SB. In addition to this the Goole SB area will be resignalled and re-controlled into York Route Operating Centre (ROC). Renewal and re-control of associated Level Crossings will be delivered at Cutsyke, Prince of Wales, Snaith & Pontefract Highway, Thorne Moorends and Boothferry Road.