Health & Safety

GGP Consult has been providing the role of Principal Designer for both clients and contractors since 2015. Due to the expansion of the Health & Safety Team, additional services have been added and include PUWER Assessments, Safety Management System Reviews, Site Audits with the use of aerial drones where necessary, Safety Climate Surveys, Health & Safety Permitting System appraisal, Lock out, Tag out and isolation system review and Behaviour based safety training.

Principal Designer

GGP Consult works closely with clients and designers to maximise the benefits of the CDM Regulations during construction/installation, operational, maintenance and demolition stages of a project.

Our professional services generally consist of:

  • Advising the client regarding the requirements of the 2015 CDM Regulations.
  • Presentations on the CDM Regulations to designers both UK and overseas.
  • Project information GAP reviews.
  • Designer and contractor competence assessment reviews using interactive forms developed by GGP Consult.
  • Communication plans.
  • Designer Risk Assessment Reviews including building construction/equipment installation, operational, maintenance, demolition/plant decommissioning stages of the project.
  • Liaising with the designers and Principal Contractor.
  • Pre- Construction Information document (PCI).
  • Review of the Construction/Installation Phase Plan (CPP).
  • Compilation of the Health & Safety File based on interactive data collection developed by GGP Consult.
  • All information is managed on a SharePoint Platform.

Additional Services

  • Safety Management System Reviews

    Quantitative and Qualitative appraisal of the various facets of the Safety Management system. The outputs are referenced against an ISO standard (ISO 45001) which indicate precise areas for improvement.

  • Site Audits with the use of aerial drones where necessary

    Site identification of safe/unsafe areas with a quantitative output referenced against HSE Regulations. Potential unsafe structures can be safety assessed using HD drone Video footage.

  • Safety Climate Surveys

    Measures the effectiveness of a work shift’s safety management system: a two-factor model (management commitment and employee involvement) which provides quantitative outputs across 9 indicators. The output offers a distinctive improvement pathway to immediately reducing injury rates, highlights pros and cons of the management system, provides a gap analysis of leadership training and the improvement programme empowers and engages the workforce.

  • Health & Safety Permitting System appraisal

    A detailed assessment of the whole Permitting System with quantitative and qualitative outputs to offer demonstrable improvements, where necessary. We take a real time site example, review against human factors and assess the operational risks against an established template.

  • Lock out, Tag out and isolation system review

    The report outcome is aimed at supervisors and managers as an appraisal of their system, which offers practical improvements (where necessary). The process offers an overview (but should not be considered as comprehensive) of the isolation process, assessing the main areas of isolation of dangerous machinery and the use of padlocks as part of the Lock out, Tag out system.

  • Behaviour based safety training

    Post safety climate survey: strategic rules-based safety system is referenced to check if logical. Via collaboration with workers, safety improvement team or teams are created. Site areas with high numbers of near misses or incidents are observed. Safety observation training and opportunities to collect real time data (near misses) are implemented which offers a realistic picture of the Heinrich pyramid.

  • PUWER Assessments

    A checklist visual approach is used for referencing the equipment including make/model number, estimated weight/size, power requirements, condition as per the regulations (i.e. guards, assess panels, maintenance file documents (if available), recommendations for the isolation of the plant, issue copies of the PUWER checklist for each of the equipment inspected).

Recent Examples

    • Guardian Glass Goole - Furnace replacement £80m
    • Developer Hull - Commercial development Hull £200m
    • ACORN 10 AD Plants - £175m
    • ADM Corby - Mill remodel £13m
    • ADM Erith - Plant Installation £1.5m
    • ADM Liverpool - Plant Installation
    • British Gypsum Leicester - Site redevelopment
    • Cranswick Foods - Site development
    • Various Commercial developments