Project Management

GGP Consult provides assistance to Clients with the delivery of their projects to suit the level of support required.

Project Management

  • Full provision of project management services including design professional services from GGP Consult.
  • Project management of the building and infrastructure aspect of the scheme, with support from our designers and working in conjunction with the client’s project managers for the equipment design and installation.
  • Provision of project management services only to assist the client’s project management team.
  • Provision of individual professional services to suit the requirement of the client.

Additional Services

  • Feasibility Reports for Capital Applications

    Working closely with the client, we develop an understanding of their business and project objectives. Then, following structured discussions, we produce Feasibility Reports for capital applications which demonstrate a structured evaluation of the project options considered, including costs, together with the justification of their preferred choices.

    The Feasibility Reports include project enabling works requirements, site operational constraints, spatial planning for both the building envelope & equipment, site traffic management reviews, local authority planning considerations and project risks.

  • Design Development

    Following the approval of a scheme, we produce project briefs for the appointment of the design based on the agreed project objectives with the client. The Project Management Plan produced by GGP Consult provides the structure to monitor time, cost, quality, health & safety, communication, coordination, resources and change management for the successful management of a project.

    We operate a SharePoint based document management approach allowing only current project information to be accessed by the specific team.

  • Construction Management

    Due to the short-term nature of some plant installation projects, we have also provided a combined professional service including Project Management and Construction/Installation Management including Health & Safety management of the 2015 CDM Regulations.

  • Site Management

    GGP Consult provides the site management and coordination of the contractors appointed by the client for undertaking the structural and civil engineering works, equipment installation and commissioning. GGP Consult’s Construction Managers provide thorough planning before the project works commence on site, undertake day by day monitoring of progress during the works against the project programme produced by GGP Consult. Our aim is to establish a project team commitment by all involved to succeed.

  • Health & Safety Management

    Because of the nature of the equipment installation projects undertaken using multiple contractors with equal work content, it is not possible to appoint a single contractor to provide the role of Principal Contractor to manage the health & safety requirements under the CDM Regulations. GGP Consult’s Construction Managers have been trained to provide this service thus providing combined Project Management and Principal Designer professional services.

  • Project budget estimates

    Cost estimates are produced to assist the project team in comparing the options available and to identify potential areas for design reappraisals before progressing to the tender stage.

  • Contract Document

    Contract and tender documents are based on industry standards or client developed procurement systems and platforms.

  • Tender evaluation

    Tender analysis reports provide the client with cost comparisons between the tenderers before progressing to interviews and value engineering assessments when applicable.

  • Contract Management

    Contract management services are provided throughout the duration of the project providing updates on progress, cost, time, quality and change management control to suit the contract.

Recent Examples

  • Feasibility Reports

    • ABM Gainsborough – Site development
    • ABM Northampton – Site development
    • ABM Corby – Site development
    • ADM Avonmouth – Tempering bin replacement
    • ADM Avonmouth – Workshop and office relocation
    • ADM Avonmouth – Traffic management improvements
    • ADM Tilbury – Mill remodel
    • ADM Agri – Silo replacement
  • Design Development, Tender Documentation and Contract Management

    • Premier Foods Andover - Bulk outload facility
    • ADM Liverpool - Bulk outload facility
    • ADM Erith - Cyclone project
    • Hovis Avonmouth – Traffic management improvements
    • Acorn UK – 7 No AD Plants
    • Viking Selby – site development
    • Viking Birmingham – Site redevelopment
    • Ideal Standard Hull – Site development
  • Project Management assistance

    • ADM Tilbury - Packing plant installation.
    • ADM Corby – Flour Mill remodel
    • British Gypsum – Demolition works
    • British Gypsum – Traffic Hub
    • ADM Liverpool – Plant installation
    • ADM Erith – Plant installation

Food Related Projects

Flour Mills

New Mills projects include site layouts, remodelled mills, bulk outload facilities, intake facilities, silo design and inspections, warehousing, packing and despatch areas, vehicle refuelling facilities, vehicle wash down facilities, offices, workshops, vehicle traffic management, car and lorry parking, weighbridges, building defect/remediation/ maintenance reports.


New bakery projects, bakery modifications, site layouts and traffic management, new plant installation, office, bulk material storage, warehousing, packing and despatch, loading bays.

Other Food Production Facilities

Site surveys, 3D laser scan and modelling of sites/buildings and plant/equipment, spatial planning of sites for buildings/equipment and traffic movements, feasibility reports including budget costings, powder and liquid facilities, meat processing facilities’ hygiene details, offices, warehousing and despatch, silo storage facilities in concrete and steel.

Recent Examples