Endike Primary

Building Schools for the Future


Sewell Group & Hull Esteem Consortium


£6.5 Million



Project Overview

GGP Consult were appointed by Sewell Construction as part of the 'Building Schools for the Future' development, and were commissioned as the Civil/Structural Design Engineers throughout the proiect - from initial concert to completion.


The Challenge

Like many of the school schemes, the building was constructed adjacent to the existing primary school whilst the children were still occupying the original building. This of course meant that Health &Safety and programme were paramount.


The Solution

Once the proposed school had been constructed, the pupils moved over from the existing building into their new school, before the old building was then demolished and the landscaping was finalised.

This allowed the pupils to attend school on-site throughout the duration of the works. This obviously made it easier for everyone (including the parents) as they did not have to travel to a temporary site, in a different location. This also ensured that the children's welfare and sense of security were not disrupted by uprooting them mid-way throughout a school year.


The Result

The building consisted of a steel frame structure on piled foundations.

The school was designed to incorporate a variety of internal and external spaces to accommodate the 315 pupils and 26 full time nursery places.