Biomethane Castle AD

Redevelopment of an existing Arg 36,000 tonne plant


Biomethane Castle Eaton

Project Overview

GGP Consult have been engaged in supporting the redevelopment of an existing Arg 36,000 tonne plant, generating 500kW of electricity and 1,000m3/hr biomethane grid injection.

The redevelopment will be completed over three phases, with the first phase being a refurb of the existing plant currently in progress.

Phase two will add a new digester, gas clean up system, silage clamps and CO2 capture equipment. Before the final phase, an additional digester will be added to achieve the 1,000m3/hr biomethane.

GGP have worked on all aspects of the project, providing planning, overall master plans, civil design package for tender and construction, tender management and project management roles.