Morpeth Station - Canopy Refurbishment

Refurbishment of 2 Grade II listed Morpeth Station


Colt Construction


£2 Million


2019 - 2022

Project Overview

Network Rail required a design for the refurbishment of two Grade II listed canopies at Morpeth Station, a standalone slate covered cast iron framed canopy and a timber canopy attached to the station building. Major Works had been carried out to the station building but the canopies remained untouched.


The Challenge

Both existing canopies were in a dilapidated condition impacting of the safe operation of the railway and station. Works were required to the roof coverings, detailing, structure, glazing, rainwater good and paint finishes.


The Solution

GGP Consult were appointed to undertake the GRIP 4 to 6 (Government for Railway Investment Projects) design work for the project, by Colt Construction on behalf of Network Rail.

Our multi-disciplinary team provided the following design services:

  • Architectural
  • Civil and Structural

As part of the detailed design, GGP Consult carried out a full 3D point cloud laser scan, topographical survey, condition survey and structural examination. GGP Consult also procured several specialist surveys including CCTV drainage and paint testing. GGP Consult collaborated closely with our client, Colt Construction and others across the supply chain, to see the project through to completion in 2022.

 A further structural survey following grit blasting revealed further defects including a cracked / fractured ridge beam.


The Result

Both canopies underwent a full refurbishment. The existing slate roof covering was repaired, any damaged, broken and missing slates were replaced and slipped slates were refixed. The existing flat roof covering received a new liquid plastic waterproofing system.

On both canopies the existing life expired patent glazing system was removed and replaced with a new lightweight aluminium and polycarbonate Twinfix Multilink system. All leadwork was renewed with detailing in accordance with LTSA guidance. 

Structural Repairs were carried out including replacement of the existing cracked eaves beam. Existing cast iron daggerboards were repaired or replaced with new custom made to closely match the existing.

The existing timber structure to the canopy adjacent the Station Building was repaired, replaced and strengthened where necessary. All timber sarking board was repaired, and rotten sections replaced. All replacement timber was specified as Acoya acetylated timber to maximise the design life.

All existing uPVC gutters and rainwater pipes were removed and replaced with aluminium gutters and rainwater pipes. The existing below ground drainage system was repaired and serviced to ensure reliable operation.

The existing modern columns to the canopy adjacent the Station Building were removed and replaced with new cast iron columns to replicate the columns present on the standalone canopy.

All existing timber and metallic elements received new paint finishes; the existing metalwork was grit blasted back to bare metal prior to the new paint coating been applied.

The finished canopies complete the major refurbishment of the station providing an improved environment for passengers, whilst extending the asset life of a historic listed asset and ensuring the safe operation of the station.

The project has been nominated for a National Railway Heritage Award due to be announced in December 2023.