Stallingborough North Beck Outfall

Stilling Pipe Platform Design


AMCO Giffen (EA)


£2 Million


2021 - 2022

Project Overview

North Beck Outfalls into the Humber Estuary at Stallingborough above a sluice gate. 

A platform was needed to allow access to the top of the stilling tube.


The Challenge

Due to the environment, with tidal and sea loadings, a new platform was needed to provide safe access for the maintainers. The maintenance area also had to prevent large debris from falling into the outfall as well as preventing the sluice gates from being operational. Furthermore, the platform (and elements of the platform) needed to be removable to allow maintenance of the sluice gates below the platform.


The Solution

GGP worked closely with the contractors (AMCO Giffen) who were contracted to the end client (EA). GGP designed the platform from first principles and modelled the frame using design software. The final platform design satisfied the clients brief and met their objectives.

Not only did GGP have to undertake complex calculations – they also had to ensure that supporting documentation to the relevant EA H&S requirements was produced.


The Result

The platform was installed and is currently in use.