Warmington Sluice

Replacement of tilting weir at Warmington


AMCO Giffen (EA)


£2 Million


2021 - 2022

Project Overview

The aim of the project was to replace a tilting weir that was no longer operational.


The Challenge

GGP were appointed as designers to undertake the project for a new foundation, abutments and concrete apron for the new tilting weir. This was further complicated by the fact that all materials had to be delivered by boat, meaning the design was to be as lightweight and efficient as possible


The Solution

GGP undertook all stages of the design process, starting with surveys including GI before progressing the design through to the construction phase. This met the client requirements and meant that the weir could be installed.


The Result

The weir and foundation were installed by the contractor. The weir is now operational meaning that it can be used to control the water levels.