Civil Engineering

GGP Consult have a wide range of expertise in the design, detailing and inspection of Civil Engineering works.

Civil Engineering

Our expertise in Civil Engineering has covered all types of below ground structures, foundations, drainage and earthworks located in many different parts of the world. Ground conditions ranging from rock to peat to industrial waste have all been experienced.

Designs in support of utilities - including pipelines, substations, above ground installation for the gas network, pipe protection slabs, under road and railway track crossings - have been established over the years, along with thrust boxes, mini tunnelling and microtunneling designs. The scopes of temporary works for the support of deep excavations, load transfer, foundation replacements, underpinning and heavy crane lifts are also provided by GGP Consult.


Complete foundations for multi-storey buildings, large structures, tanks and other industrial facilities have been undertaken - incorporating piles, rafts, pads and ground improvement techniques. Underground chambers for storage of liquids and dry basements have amalgamated water retaining design, water-proofing and anti-floatation techniques.


These designs have included large and complete drainage systems, SUDS, attenuation, lagoons and spillage containments. Flood risk assessments, drainage strategies and floor management projects have also been widely undertaken.

Road and paving projects have incorporated extensive earthworks, culverts and bridges with extensive drainage systems for large commercial and industrial trafficked areas. These include sections 104, 106 & 185 applications and Approval in Principle Designs.